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American Indian/Alaska Native SANE-SART Program Initiative
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Demonstration Sites

In 2011, under the AI/AN SANE–SART Initiative, OVC awarded funds to three sites—federally recognized Indian tribal governments and AI/AN organizations—to enhance the capability of victim service providers in AI/AN communities to better respond to the needs and rights of all victims of sexual violence. The program is designed to complement an existing coordinated community response to sexual violence.

From the initial point of contact through prosecution, the following three programs will implement sustainable, high-quality, victim-centered multidisciplinary services and support for victims of sexual violence:

Phase I: Site Activities for the First Year

The AI/AN SANE–SART Initiative is structured in two phases. In phase I (year 1), the sites will focus on two broad initiatives:

  1. Identify a SANE–SART coordinator, establish a framework for a SANE–SART team, and involve community stakeholders.
  2. Conduct a comprehensive community needs assessment and develop a strategic plan that will enhance and build on an existing sustainable, culturally relevant, victim-centered SANE–SART project.

Phase II: Successful Sites Could Receive Continued Funding for Years 2-4

Contingent on successful progress during phase I and the availability of the appropriated funds, the sites will receive support for phase II (years 2–4), which will include efforts to:

  • Launch the AI/AN SANE–SART project with the support of the SANE–SART TTA provider, OVC, and OVC’s partners.
  • Develop protocols and policies.
  • Develop or enhance tribal codes related to sexual violence.
  • Identify TTA for individual SANEs and the SART.
  • Identify the means available for acquiring needed equipment.
  • Help shape the national TTA initiative.