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American Indian/Alaska Native SANE-SART Program Initiative
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Training and Technical Assistance

OVC selected a TTA provider—Tribal Law and Policy Institute (TLPI)—that has indepth knowledge of tribal communities to assess the communities’ needs and work with them to develop and implement a SANE–SART project.

TLPI demonstrated its recognition of the culture, history, traditions, and spirituality inherent in the AI/AN community. This experience has helped the institute understand the importance of these elements in tribal communities and the value of adapting evidence-based intervention strategies for victims of sexual violence in tribal communities.

Phase I: TTA Activities To Support Strategic Planning

During phase I, TLPI will focus on two broad initiatives:

  • Supporting sites in conducting comprehensive community needs assessments and developing strategic plans that will enhance and build sustainable, culturally relevant, victim-centered SANE–SART projects.
  • Supporting the development and implementation of national guidelines to address sexual violence in AI/AN communities.

Phase II: TTA Activities To Support Development and Implementation

Contingent on successful progress during phase I and the availability of the appropriated funds, phase II (years 2–4) will focus on developing and implementing TTA and on coordinating and communicating with OVC and its partners. Potential phase II activities include:

  • Continuing support from OVC, its partners, and the sites by assisting sites in launching their strategic AI/AN SANE–SART project.
  • Creating new or modifying existing protocols and policies to enhance the response to victims of sexual violence.
  • Developing or enhancing tribal codes.
  • Identifying TTA for OVC’s project staff and partners, SARTs, SANEs, and community stakeholders.
  • Helping to shape the national guidelines.

National AI/AN Sane-Sart Coordinators

Due to the complexities and scope of this project, OVC funded two staff members to focus exclusively on coordination and TTA to address the need for coordinated efforts within federal agencies and across AI/AN communities. The coordinators, Beverly Cotton (IHS) and Shannon May (FBI), are dedicated full time to the project and will assist in developing and coordinating the Committee, federal working groups, and national guidelines.

The coordinators will assist with the following:

  • Participating in the planning, development, implementation, oversight, and evaluation of the Initiative.
  • Identifying experts in technical areas related to AI/AN communities.
  • Identifying communication methods to provide information about training opportunities, promising practices, and project updates.
  • Supporting the development of constructive relationships with tribal communities, the Committee, federal working groups, the sites, the TTA provider, and project staff.
  • Providing TTA within their respective agencies to build the capacity of medical practitioners and law enforcement personnel to proactively address sexual violence in AI/AN communities.