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American Indian/Alaska Native SANE-SART Program Initiative
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National Guidelines

OVC and its federal partners will establish national guidelines to address sexual violence in AI/AN communities. The guidelines will use an assessment of existing resources, current challenges, gaps, and best and promising practices in the provision of sexual violence services to identify priorities for funding, training, technical assistance, and program development. The guidelines will also include the recommendations developed by the Committee for federal agencies to consider in their efforts to coordinate and leverage federal resources.

Technical Assistance for Site Evaluation

One of the key challenges of addressing sexual violence in AI/AN communities is the lack of meaningful data that these communities can use to inform their policies and intervention strategies. To rectify this, OVC will support an external evaluator to provide TTA to help the three demonstration sites develop their capacity to support evaluation during phase II. The evaluator will work closely with the TTA provider and the demonstration sites to develop logistical models, identify appropriate performance and outcome measures, assess each site’s capacity to generate the requisite data, and design and implement instruments and protocols for collecting these data where needed. Providing the TTA that the demonstration sites need will assist OVC, its partners, and AI/AN communities in determining the sites’ existing assets and identifying avenues for enhancing their capacity to conduct rigorous evaluations to inform their policies and intervention strategies going forward.

Tailored Sexual Assault Response Team Training and Technical Assistance Project

To facilitate the development of SARTs in tribal communities, the AI/AN SANE-SART Initiative’s Tailored Sexual Assault Response Team Training and Technical Assistance (TTA) Project will provide comprehensive training and technical assistance to one or more pilot sites. This project will involve funding a consultant(s) to provide technical assistance and onsite training for the planning, development, and implementation of a SART. The TTA provided to participating tribes, federal, state, and local stakeholders will vary and be individualized based on the unique needs of the community.

The primary goals of this targeted training and technical assistance project are:

  1. To assist tribal, federal, state, and local stakeholders to develop a SART.
  2. To provide a consultant(s) to assist in the development of written coordinated community sexual assault response protocols between services such as law enforcement, health care, advocacy, and prosecution.
  3. To facilitate key stakeholder collaboration in the handling of sexual violence cases.

Expenses for the TTA will be paid through a reimbursable agreement between OVC, the FBI, and IHS as part of the AI/AN SANE-SART Initiative.