Image of Federal Advisory Committee members.
Image of Federal Advisory Committee members, Designated Federal Official, and National SANE-SART Coordinators (from the left): Shannon May, FBI; Kathleen Gless, OVC; Karen Joyce McMahon, FBI; Donna Keeler, National Council of Urban Indian Health; Beverly Fletcher, Office on Violence against Women; Juana Majel-Dixon, National Congress of American Indians; Geri Wisner-Foley, Native American Children’s Alliance; Hallie Bongar-White, Southwest Center for Law and Policy; Kim Day, International Association of Forensic Nurses; Linda Logan, National Indian Children’s Welfare Association; Sarah Deer, William Mitchell College of Law; Rose Weahkee, IHS; Judge Peggy Bird, National American Indian Court Judges Association; Jason O’Neal, Bureau of Indian Affairs; Shirley Moses, Alaska Native Women’s Coalition; and Beverly Cotton, IHS.

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