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How To Apply

To apply to ITVERP, the applicant must submit a completed application. The application is generally time-consuming and requires supporting documentation.

Please contact an ITVERP case manager at 1-800-363-0441 to assist you in completing the application.

This application can be used for three different situations:

An Itemized Application—For applicants who have not already submitted an ITVERP claim.

A Supplemental Application—For applicants who have already submitted an ITVERP claim and are requesting additional reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses not previously claimed or expenses that have changed since the first application (e.g., bills received late or newly required services).

An Interim Emergency—For applicants seeking funds for an immediate need, such as medical treatment, short-term lodging, or emergency transportation. Emergency applications are designed to avoid the substantial financial hardship likely to arise from delayed reimbursements. This type of application is processed at the discretion of the OVC Director.

Time Limits

Generally, the deadline to submit an ITVERP application is 3 years from the date the incident occurred. However, at the discretion of the Director, the deadline for filing a claim may be extended if there is good cause to make an exception.

Details are available in the ITVERP Final Rule (Federal Register Volume 76, Issue  69; April 11, 2011).

You will need the following forms and instructions to prepare your application.


ITVERP Resource
810 Seventh Street, NW.
Washington, DC 20531


(PDF 290 kb)

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