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OVC Tribal Multimedia Resources

A Circle of Healing for Native Children Endangered by Drugs

This seven-video series weaves Native stories and cultural practices from across the Nation to show many of the ways children, families, and communities are healing from drug endangerment. These videos and the accompanying guide are intended to generate conversation and inspire communities to come together to develop, enhance, and share their own responses to these issues.

There is no single tribal model or best practice for addressing the effects of alcohol- and drug-related violence and victimization. Each community must determine the culturally relevant responses best for helping their victims heal. These videos are intended to help develop awareness and provide examples of victim-centered programs and approaches.

Video 1: A Circle of Healing for Native Children Endangered by Drugs
This video describes the roots of alcohol and drug abuse in Native communities and illustrates the effects of drug endangerment in Indian Country along with cultural practices and programs that are working to heal individuals and communities across the Nation.

Video 2: Wind River Tribal Youth Program: Connecting Youth with Tribal Tradition
Hear the perspectives of adults and youth as they reflect on historical trauma, the importance of talking and connecting across generations, and the critical role of cultural practices in healing.

Video 3: Santee Sioux Nation: Healing the Sacred Child
This video highlights two specific programs—the Horse Program and Fatherhood is Sacred. Both programs help families heal by working through the historical trauma and pain associated with drug endangerment.

Video 4: Leech Lake Tribal Court: Care for the People
This video illustrates how cultural ways and collaboration between states and tribes can help connect people to effective treatment and support long-term recovery.

Video 5: The Tundra Women’s Coalition: Restoring Connectedness Broken by Trauma
This video highlights programs developed through the Tundra Women’s Coalition that provide the support teenagers need to cope with adversity and that connect youth with each other, their elders, their traditions, and the environment.

Video 6: Healing for Native Families in an Urban Community
This video introduces programs in Portland, Oregon, offering culturally relevant health care and social services that members of any tribe can access.

Video 7: Portrait of a Family in Recovery
This personal story—told by a mother and daughter—shows a family’s painful, touching, and hopeful journey through addiction and into recovery.