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Justice for Victims. Justice for All
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Download the Victim Impact: Listen and Learn Videos

Victim Impact: Listen and LearnThis video series features the first-person accounts of 14 men and women who share their experiences as crime victims and the ripple effect that victimization can have on family members and the community at large.


Download Assault — Alan’s Story


Download Burglary — Leanna’s Story

Child Abuse and Neglect

Download Child Abuse and Neglect — Ron’s Story

Download Child Abuse — Nia’s Story

Crime Against a Person with Disability

Download Crime Against a Person with Disability — Kimberly’s Story

Domestic Violence

Download Domestic Violence — Rebel’s Story

Drunk Driving

Download Drunk Driving — Cindi’s Story

Gang-Related Homicide

Download Gang-Related Homicide — Teri’s Story

Hate Crime

Download Hate Crime — Jee Young’s Story


Download Homicide — Amy’s Story

Download Homicide — Myrtle’s Story

Download Homicide — Peggy’s Story


Download Rape — Debbie’s Story


Download Robbery — Jim’s Story

Additionally, a companion online only training curriculum is also available and includes a two part facilitator manual and a participant workbook.

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