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Implementing SANE Programs in Rural Communities: The West Virginia Regional Mobile SANE Projectsubnavigation
Publication Date:  June 2008
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Creating a Strategic Plan

Retention Issues

FRIS wanted to ensure that the area had enough SANEs and advocates to operate 24/7on-call programs. Assuming there would be attrition during the first year of the project, FRIS planned to train a greater number of SANE and advocate candidates than was actually needed. However, retention of SANEs and advocates was not a significant problem. It became more of an issue during the second year when the project expanded its service area to include an additional county.

Recruiting and Training SANE Nurses

  • Develop job descriptions and applications for SANE nurses.

  • Develop SANE commitment agreements.

  • Recruit nurses for SANE training sessions.

  • Conduct training sessions (all SANEs are to receive both adult and pediatric training). Train a minimum of 30 nurses to be SANEs.

  • Secure contractual agreements from a minimum of 12 to 15 newly trained SANEs to participate in the project on an on-call basis.