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Developing an E-Pub

"Chunk" Your Content

"Chunking" is the process of dividing information into small, clear pieces. It is the most difficult part of the Web writing process because it requires deciding what information is important, what information to present, and how to organize it.

Organize Material by Category or Concept

Organize information before writing:

  • Write down your ideas about everything that should be covered.

  • Cluster similar ideas around specific concepts or themes. For example, some information will be clearly introductory, or related to background, findings, or implications.

  • Use the clusters as the basis for the document's organization.

Avoid Linear or Narrative Organization

Linear and narrative formats—which present information in a specific order—generally don't work well online. Some exceptions apply, such as online learning tools and sequentially based instruction.

Use Links Appropriately

Incorporating links to background material is an excellent way to chunk information. However, never use an embedded link at the bottom of one page simply to link to the top of the next page (e.g., "Continued on Next Page"). Instead, divide the information into smaller chunks on more pages.

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