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Developing an E-Pub

Develop Keywords for Search Purposes

Effective keywords—that is, the terms and phrases in HTML code that describe an e-pub's content—help Web users find your publication using search engines like Google™ or Yahoo.

Step 1—Brainstorm a List

Write down words and phrases that describe the content and purpose of your document. Include search terms that your target audience might use to find this type of information and, if possible, keywords used on similar publications and Web pages.

Step 2—Refine the Entries

  • Eliminate entries that are too general (e.g., electronic publication, document, online, Web, Internet, OVC).

  • Eliminate repetitive entries and entries that repeat the same word too often.

  • Combine single words into phrases when possible (e.g., sexual assault victim services).

Step 3—Prioritize the List

The first keyword or phrase should be the most descriptive, and so on down the list. Limit the list to the 20 most descriptive keywords or phrases.

Step 4—Test the List

Search the Web using the keywords you selected for your e-pub. Do the search results correspond with similar content? Do they yield too many results? Too few?

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