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OVC Publishing Guidelines for Print and Multimedia About OVCOJP seal: Innovation . Partnerships . Safer Neighborhoods Message From the DirectorOVC Publishing Guidelines for Print and Multimedia NCJ 229712 / March 2010
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Submission Requirements


File Setup

Prepare your submission package according to the following guidelines:


Submit electronic files via email or on a CD-RW.

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OVC currently accepts documents in Microsoft Word only and tables and graphs in Excel. Do not submit materials with design elements already incorporated because it will delay final production and availability of your work to victim service providers. Contact your grant monitor with questions about this requirement. Follow these software guidelines:

  • For publications longer than 100 pages, save each section as an individual file and name them accordingly (i.e., section 1, section 2, section 3). Do not exceed 100 pages per file.

  • Submit tables and graphs in separate electronic Excel files. Provide data points for graphs.

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When preparing your document for submission, do not use formatting tools such as tabs, columns, or boxes. OVC will edit and format submitted text when developing the final product. Unnecessary formatting in draft text can delay the publishing of your grant product. Follow these formatting guidelines:

  • Set 1-inch margins all around (left, right, top, and bottom).
  • Double space text.
  • Left-justify the text.
  • Use block style. Do not use tabs or indents at the beginning of paragraphs.
  • Use 12-point Times New Roman for all text. You may use a different point size of the same font to differentiate subhead levels.
  • Use footers to number your pages.
  • Endnotes are preferred over footnotes.

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Generally, OVC prepares final artwork. If your grant or contract requires you to prepare camera-ready art, check with your grant manager for OVC's production standards (e.g., image use policy, copyright information, disclaimer use and placement, logos).

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