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Providing Services to Victims Viewing a Trial at Multiple Locations. Masthead shows a series of photos depicting trials, conferencing, and TV watching.
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Getting Started--Meeting a Need
  Why Collaborate?
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  Consequences of
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Setting Up a Safe Haven for Victims
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Building Your Coalition
Developing Task Forces
Providing Limited Services

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Consequences of Failing To Collaborate

Lack of collaboration among service providers and community organizations can be detrimental to victim services at a Safe Haven. Consequences may include—

  • Inability to coordinate and manage basic victim services.
  • Conflict among services and resources initiated by service organizations, the media, and individuals.
  • Confusion or diverse points of view among the victim population about how participation should be facilitated.
  • Underuse of resources.
  • Duplication of services.
  • Gaps in services and resources.

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