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Providing Services to Victims Viewing a Trial at Multiple Locations. Masthead shows a series of photos depicting trials, conferencing, and TV watching.
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Getting Started--Meeting a Need
Setting Up a Safe Haven for Victims
  What Is a
   Safe Haven?

  Locating and
   Managing a
   Safe Haven

  Coordinating a
   Safe Haven


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Building Your Coalition
Developing Task Forces
Providing Limited Services

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Locating and Managing a Safe Haven

Providing a secure, convenient, and accessible location where information and resources are available and meals are shared not only meets the physiological needs of victims but also helps address their emotional needs.

The primary criterion for a Safe Haven facility is proximity to the trial viewing location. Ideally, the facility should be one or two blocks from the courthouse or CCTV site so victims can move quickly, easily, and safely between the two venues. A Safe Haven also can be located at a CCTV site.

The space must be large and comfortable enough to accommodate simultaneous group and private activities, such as group discussions, private meetings, games, and meals. It is also beneficial to provide telephones with free long-distance service and computers with Internet access. Negotiating a formal written agreement with the Safe Haven facility manager helps address stipulations made by the facility owner or manager, the needs of the Safe Haven staff, and other possible expectations of all parties involved.

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