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Providing Services to Victims Viewing a Trial at Multiple Locations. Masthead shows a series of photos depicting trials, conferencing, and TV watching.
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Setting Up a Safe Haven for Victims
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U.S. Attorney's Office

Each of the 93 USAOs has a unit dedicated to victims and witnesses to provide victim/witness services and inform them about their specific rights under federal law.

In the Oklahoma City bombing and other federal trials, an Assistant U.S. Attorney was assigned to work in conjunction with the federal victim/witness unit to ensure compliance with the legal responsibilities to the large number of victims involved. Each Assistant U.S. Attorney in those cases served as a contact among the victims, the prosecution team, and the community coalition.

To ensure compliance with the statutory responsibilities to victims, the USAO will most likely maintain a secure and confidential victim database. This database would be used to notify victims about available resources, including information about Safe Haven services at multiple CCTV sites.

The trial courts in other mass violence and terrorism trials have authorized the USAO to assist the court in determining the eligibility of victims, survivors, and family members who wanted to view the trials. The eligibility of an applicant was determined using the definition of victim provided in the statute mandating "the use of closed circuit broadcasts to convenient locations." Victims who met the eligibility criteria were credentialed to enter the CCTV site. These same credentials can also be used as criteria for entry into a nearby Safe Haven.

Limited Timeframe

When the community does not have the time to create a coalition, the USAO's responsibilities do not change. Its relationship instead will be with the victim services or nonprofit organization that takes the lead in the community where the CCTV site is located.

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