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Victims with Disabilities: The Forensic Interview—Techniques for Interviewing Victims with Communication and/or Cognitive Disabilities Video Preview Transcript

[Close-up on hands flipping through pages of material.]

Narrator: This training video will acquaint law enforcement and protective services professionals with additional principles and techniques to use when conducting an in-depth forensic interview with an individual with a disability.

Man 1: Ready to come back and talk with me?

Man 2: Sure, why not.

Narrator: There is a myth in our society about individuals with mental retardation or communication disabilities. People assume that these disabilities automatically signal that the person cannot be believed because their reality is distorted. But, in fact, they usually have an excellent recall of their own victimization.

Woman 1: Could you please sign in?

Narrator: Once an interviewer adopts these new techniques to their standard interviewing skills, a successful interview can be conducted with a person of any type of disability.

Woman 2: You did a good job.

Man 2: Yeah, I did. [laughs]

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