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In Their Own Words: Domestic Abuse in Later Life, Disc 1 Video Preview Transcript

[Narrator speaks: Miss Mary, age 98, had lived independently for some time, before moving to a nursing home. Some time later, she had the chance to leave that nursing home, and move in with her grandson Billy and his wife Susan. In this video, you will hear from Miss Mary, two sexual assault advocates, and several criminal justice professionals.]

Miss Mary: You know, it was done at night, late on a Sunday afternoon about six o’clock and it went on till two o’clock in the morning on Monday morning, and it went on that long. And he was so drunk… I tried to say something to put him off, you know, and so I say, “There’s somebody at the door, Bill.” And he jerked me up out of my chair, and he carried me to the door too. Of course, there wasn’t nobody at the door. He grabbed me up and threw me on his bed and raped me.

Nanci Newton: What’s not obvious is that there will be power and control issues that come in as whoever is doing the exploitation seeks to gain more and more control over the elder’s assets. And that’s where you start seeing physical violence, sexual violence. Things escalate, as in domestic violence of all kinds. Family violence against elders is domestic violence, and the power and control issues are always there.

[End of video clip.]

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