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In Their Own Words: Domestic Abuse in Later Life, Disc 2 Video Preview Transcript

Segment 1: Support Groups for Older Women

[Narrator speaks: Support groups for older women can be a powerful tool for breaking isolation and offering information. In this segment, older women and advocates describe the benefits of support groups specifically designed for older women.]

Lois: At first, I was a little leery because I knew when I came in... I started talking and I broke down, which everybody does, and cried. Which is good, like I said. And then knowing, too, that you’re not alone. The group helped me gain my self-esteem back.

Segment 2: Emergency Housing for Older Women
[Narrator speaks: In this segment, older victims explain the need for emergency housing and describe their varied experiences with emergency housing.]

Ruth: My option to find a place to go was very important. I needed a spot. I didn't know where to go. And I had a friend that said, "Come here." And I stayed there a couple of weeks, but that’s important...

Carol Tryon: If we had a shelter for mothers—for older mothers—would you have gone into the shelter?

Ruth: Yes, I would have. Just to get away, but there wasn’t... I didn’t want to go where there was a lot of kids. And I had my dog that I definitely did not want to leave, and I didn’t want her in a shelter.

[End of video clip.]

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