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Justice for Victims—Spot #2 (60 Seconds) PSA Transcript

[Man, Carl, standing, facing camera]
Carl: New Year’s Eve, 2002.

[Woman, Ferroll, standing, facing camera]
Ferroll: Just 2 years ago.

[Police officer, Manny, standing in front of counter in a police station]
Manny: In the sixth grade…

[Closeup of a woman, Lisa, with a breathing tube]
Lisa: July 11, 1994. [camera moves out to show that she’s in a motorized wheelchair, her head, mouth, and eyes show her body’s only movement] I was shot by a teenage gang member.

[Woman, Virginia, standing, holding up a photo of a young man in a football uniform]
Virginia: My son Valentino was killed by a drunk driver.

[Closeup of Ferroll]
Ferroll: My baby brother Joseph was shot.

[Manny, standing in front of counter in a police station]
Manny: I was sexually assaulted.

[Closeup of Carl]
Carl: My wife Emma was killed by a drunk driver.

[Closeup of Ferroll]
Ferroll: My heart was ripped apart.

[Closeup of Virginia]
Virginia: The day this happened to us, our family died.

[Ferroll standing, facing camera, then camera moves in for closeup]
Ferroll: At that time I had no idea that I needed help, or that my family needed help.

[Closeup of Manny]
Manny: I didn’t know help was there.

[From a distance, Lisa in her wheelchair, then a closeup of her face]
Lisa: A detective told us about victim’s assistance.

[Closeup of Ferroll]
Ferroll: We did receive help with the funeral and burial.

[Closeup of Carl’s face, then moving away to show him standing]
Carl: They informed me of my court dates.

[Screen shows Lisa from further away, showing all of wheelchair]
Lisa: They paid for my wheelchair-accessible van.

[Closeups of Manny, then Carl, then showing Ferroll from further away, standing]
Voiceover, Ferroll: If you are a victim of crime, seek help, because help is there for you.

[Closeup of Manny]
Manny: Even if you never reported the crime.

[Screen shows Lisa and all of wheelchair, then a closeup of Lisa’s face]
Lisa: Crime victims’ assistance programs are there to help.

[Final screen is black with white text.]
Voiceover of NCVRW 2005 Slogan: Justice isn’t served until crime victims are.

[Rest of final screen is black with small photos of each victim at top]
White text, no voiceover: Get help or help out. For victims’ assistance: [The Department of Justice seal and the OVC logo are at the bottom of the screen.]

[End of video clip.]

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