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Justice for Victims—Spot #3 (30 Seconds) PSA Transcript

[A man and woman sit on a couch with a male child seated between them; the child holds a photograph of his 7-year-old brother, camera moves in for closeup of photograph, then out again to show the three on the couch.]

Mother, Rhonda: On December 8, 1997, our 7-year-old son Evan was murdered after signing up for basketball.

[Family sitting on couch]
Father, Ruett: It was very devastating. Just very devastating. [Closeup of Rhonda] And the victims’ program provided the resources for us to get the counseling that we needed. [Family sitting on couch]

[Closeup of child sitting between his parents. One eye is obviously injured.]
Voiceover, Rhonda: Alec was also injured.

[Family sitting on couch]
Voiceover, Rhonda: They helped pay for Alec’s cornea transplant.
Ruett: They stood by us through the court process.

[Closeup of Ruett, panning out to show whole family again]
Rhonda: If you or someone you love have been the victim of violent crime,

[Final screen is black with white text.]
Vocieover, Rhonda: there is help available for you.

Voiceover, Narrator:

White text, no voiceover: Get help or help out. [The Department of Justice seal and the OVC logo are at the bottom of the screen.]

[End of video clip.]

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