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Justice for Victims—Spot #4 (30 Seconds) PSA Transcript

[A young woman, Nobuko, stands in a hallway facing the camera, with camera moving closer, further away, and back again as she speaks.]

Nobuko: August 9, 1999.
I was raped.
I felt dirty.
And I lost a sense of security.
Victim assistance helped me with counseling.
They helped me write a victim impact statement and because of that, my rapist got 20 years.

[Nobuko, from further away, standing, facing camera, speaks seriously, snaps pictures with a 35 mm camera, then smiles.]
Nobuko: With the right help, you can move on with your life.

[Final screen is black with white text.]
Voiceover, Narrator: She smiles.
[The Department of Justice seal and the OVC logo are at the bottom of the screen.]

[End of video clip.]

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