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Recovering from Your Crime-Related Injuries Video Preview Transcript

[Opening: The title "Recovering From Your Crime-Related Injuries" appears on the screen. Female voice-over begins as an ambulance is shown pulling up to the front of a hospital; the ambulance driver is shown climbing out of the parked vehicle and walking toward the rear.]

Female voice-over: This video was designed to answer some of the questions you may have following the victimization that may affect your health and well-being.

[Female voice-over continues as a recovering victim is shown chatting with a victim advocate in a hospital room, and then the same victim is shown sitting at a table conversing with a criminal justice representative.]

Female voice-over: As a recent crime victim, you may not be aware of the potential benefits of participating in the criminal justice system. You may be eligible to receive financial assistance. By participating in the criminal justice system, you take control of the situation and protect you and others from future harm.

[Female voice-over continues as the title "General Reactions to Crime" appears on the screen. The victim is again shown sitting at a table speaking with a criminal justice representative. A close-up of the victim's injured arm is shown]

Female voice-over: We know that crime does not just affect people physically, so in this section, we address some of the emotional reactions you may experience, and provide you with coping skills to help you overcome these reactions.

[Closing: text on black screen reads Office for Victims of Crime; OVC; Putting Victims First.]

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