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"The Chase" Public Service Announcement Video Preview Transcript

[News video footage of a car chase, aerial view. A truck dodges police cars and drives erratically along a highway.]
Voice over:
There, you can see, he’s on the wrong side of the road, nearly missing a police unit.

[More aerial footage of car chase.]
Voice over:
Suspect continues to elude police officers.

[Truck approaches dead end of street.]
Voice over:
Dead end! Dead end!

[Aerial camera zooms to suspect vehicle. Passenger door opens and suspect flees on foot.]
Voice over:
Suspect is out of the vehicle. He’s running from officers.

[Suspect runs off street and behind a house, trying to escape. Camera pulls back to show a helicopter tracking suspect from above.]
Voice over:
There, you can see him, there’s a helicopter over him.

[Aerial camera zooms in to focus on suspect climbing a fence between two residential properties.]
Voice over:
He’s now climbing a wall, climbing a wall, trying to get away from the officers.

[Suspect throws hands up; police officers appear to apprehend him.]
Voice over:
Wait, hands up! Hands up!

[Suspect throws himself flat onto ground; police officer stands over him.]
Voice over:
Officers in front, suspect down on the ground.

[Aerial camera zooms out; helicopter flies past.]
Voice over:
There’s another news helicopter passing [static]

[words on screen]
Wait a minute here, shouldn’t we be focusing on the victim?

[Close-up of woman in tears, holding tissue; gradual fade to words on screen]
Office for Victims of Crime Resource Center
National Crime Victims’ Rights Week
April 22-28, 2001

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