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Victims Have Rights (20 Seconds, English) PSA Transcript

[This open-captioned video begins with two streaming videos side by side. The left one shows a man’s hands handcuffed behind him, with a male police officer holding the handcuffed man’s arm, guiding him past a barred door, down a long hallway until the barred door closes. At same time on the right, a female victim advocate walks an elderly woman down a hallway, slowly and with care, leaning down to talk to her as she walks.]

Male Police Officer: You have the right to remain silent.

Female Advocate: You have the right to be heard.

Male Police Officer: Anything you say can be used against you in a court of law [voice fades out toward the end].

Female Advocate: What you say will be listened to with dignity and respect. You have the right to information and assistance.
New Female Voice/Narrator: Victims have rights, too.

[Final screen is black with white text.]
Female Advocate Reads NCVRW 2005 Slogan: Justice isn’t served until crime victims are.

[Rest of final screen is black with white text, no voiceover: Know your rights. For victims’ assistance: At the bottom of the screen are the Department of Justice seal and the OVC logo.]

[End of video clip.]

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