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Voices of Victims Video Preview Transcript

[Rhythmic music plays in the background accompanying the dialogue]

Narrator: In an unprecedented action, John Gillis, the Director of the Office for Victims of Crime, traveled around the United States to meet with crime victims, firsthand, to discuss their experiences with the criminal justice system.

1st Speaker: Every time they rape, they are more vicious, until they kill.

2nd Speaker: Several transfers until I got to Chief of Detectives who said to me, "your daughter’s been murdered", just like that.

3rd Speaker: After your trial, if you do have one, if you‘re lucky enough to have one, you go through a second grief.

4th Speaker: So if we could have a little bit of some open-mindedness and acceptedness and maybe some tolerance to our traditional ceremonies.

5th Speaker: We wanted the state to pass a law saying victims of crime who lose a spouse whose a major income earner and they’re not implicated in the murders are eligible for low interest disaster loans.

6th Speaker: I’m tired of talking to someone and saying, you know, we need a little bit of help, and their answer is, "well, I'm sorry for your loss, but."

7th Speaker: He said, "No, this is not your case," and I said, "well, this is not your daughter."

8th Speaker: If we don’t know the questions to ask, then you don’t get any answers.

9th Speaker: And is there anything we can not get enough of? Yes! It’s information when you’re a crime victim.

10th Speaker: One of the things that I strongly believe in is the Constitutional Amendment for victims’ rights.

Narrator: The opinions expressed are emblematic of many of the participants. And is a way, in which, the Office for Victims of Crime is giving a voice to victims.

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