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Providing Services to Victims Viewing a Trial at Multiple Locations. Masthead shows a series of photos depicting trials, conferencing, and TV watching.
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Setting Up a Safe Haven for Victims
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Volunteer Recruiting, Training, and Credentialing


Volunteers can be solicited through the task forces assigned to the various disciplines or through a general volunteer task force. Task forces can contact organizations that have access to experienced professionals who may want to volunteer.

Once recruited, volunteers must be screened and interviewed (PDF 14.8 kb). Although many well-intended individuals would like to donate their time and services, not all have the necessary qualifications. All volunteers should complete an application (PDF 19.5 kb), which includes gathering the information needed to obtain a criminal history.

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Professional volunteers from crime victim service, mental health, and interfaith communities should be trained together on the following topics:

  • Team development.
  • Crisis intervention.
  • Factors of mass violence and terrorism trials.
  • Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  • Victim issues during a trial.
  • Safe Haven protocol.
  • Vicarious trauma.


To maintain security, volunteers must be credentialed. Approved and scheduled volunteers receive special identification to allow them access to the Safe Haven. Depending on the court's determination of who has access to CCTV sites, credentialing should be coordinated with the U.S. Attorney's Office, law enforcement agencies, and the court clerk. If volunteers are not allowed access to a CCTV site, credentialing should, at a minimum, be coordinated with law enforcement agencies. To avoid the potential problem of the public or media gaining access through fraudulent credentials, tight control of access mechanisms must be maintained. In a mass violence and terrorism trial, large groups may be arriving and departing at different times, so periodic changes in access credentials are advisable.

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